Below is a look at the process of the rebrand. This is the original icon. Our goal was to design a new logo that aligned with the new company branding while still emulating the old logo.
Below are the first round of logo options, out of which the clients liked the 6th option best.
Then I made 5 more options based off #6, and the 1st was the favorite.
Then I made 3 versions of that option and we decided to go with the 3rd one. Now that the new logo was established I designed the rest of the graphics to match its style to bring a cohesive and recognizable feel to the EDC SharePoint and related content.

Check out more of my work:

Lisa D. Rossi Website
A website I made in Dreamweaver for Lisa D. Rossi's life coaching business.
Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding
Data Collection Training
Graphics I made for a Rise training course for BMS R&D.
Graphic Design, Instructional Design
Global Library Training
Graphics I made for a Rise training course for BMS R&D.
Graphic Design, Instructional Design
A digital art piece I created in Photoshop by combining a number of pictures I found on Pinterest as well as adding many effects.
Illustration, Digital Art, Visual Effects
Trial Access Online
Logo, icon, header images and hero graphics I designed for a BMS project SharePoint redesign. TAO is a capability of EDC so I designed it to share a similar look and feel.
Graphic Design, Branding, Website Design
Logo and graphic for program Melody at BMS. It is an umbrella program that brings together many different projects to work together in harmony.
Graphic Design, Branding
Logo, start screen and some unedited stills I took from an app I made called KelidoPhoto. The app takes the camera on your phone and reflects the image three ways to create a kaleidoscope effect. I used Android SDK and coded it in the program Processing.
Graphic Design, Branding, Mobile Application Development
An illustration I made in Adobe Illustrator. Inspired by the work of Don Kenn.
Historc Front Pages
12 page Subscriber Exclusive Premium Edition on Historic Front Pages I designed for the Burlington Free Press.
Graphic Design
AGXPE 2022 Conference Montage
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